In today’s cruel world nobody care s about what you were , what you are  and what you will be tomorrow. Nobody is interested in your dreams.

Students are facing different types of problem in their school as well as family life – they need to deal with it on their own. Now, many of us will immediately react that – It’s not true our Parents are always there , with us. Right, they are there to support us standing by our side . But , I would like to ask all all of you a crucial question, can anyone help a child in all aspects – in CLASS, in CANTEEN  and in SCHOOL.

The answer is obvious. Nobody can lead your life for you. The battle of life is to be fought alone.

Maximum one can do is to support you verbally. Your action and reaction to the incidents in and around you have to be handled by you alone.  

” YOU”  are   the  “WARRIOR”  of your own  “BATTLEFIELD”. 

You are not part of  “Alice in Wonderland” , you are part of “___________ “ WORLD. You are a

 ” BRAVE SOLDIER” of this strong Country – “JO ANDAR GHUSNA BHI JANTI HAI – AUR ANDAR GHUS KAR MARNA BHI JAANTI HAI”. Here I want to refer to previous lines – “Which  simply means – Students today are brave – Who knows their fear , they have guts to face them , defeat their fear and then coming up as a real HERO.

This truth is hard to swallow –  Being a Student  doesn’t mean only to score GOOD MARKS. But yes of-course to learn Manners, Respecting others and above all “DISCIPLINE”  you need to be a good learner.

Home work is stressful, going through others stories is the most difficult task for every student. But until and unless you don’t go through other stories to inspire yourself , you won’t be able to write your own story to inspire others, and this is possible,  only when YOU  do all the right things to continue learning throughout a Journey called   “LIFE”.

Let your story be an eye-opener for other upcoming generation. You need to have that FIRE in yourself to burn all negativity in you and around you.

Teachers are the gatekeepers for everything that happens in class. They are Incharge of everything students do or not do. It’s the Teachers who will decide that class should be “Teacher centered ”  OR  “Student centered”. It’s the Teacher who makes the topic either interesting or boring.  If a topic is boring with “PENCIL AND PAPER “ then it cannot be interesting with “IPAD PRO AND I-PENCIL”. So if a student is good- credit goes to a Teacher . If a Student “WAS” average and is – “GOOD” now , double credit goes to Teacher .

From the traditional point of view a WARRIOR is somebody who holds a sword and fights himself to glory . The latest version of todays WARRIOR is all set and ready with “Nuclear Code” to evaporate everything.

According to a Teacher the most powerful weapon of all era is a “PEN” in a Students hand. “PEN” was , “PEN” is and “PEN” will be all time weapon for a student. This is only how  a Teacher’s WARRIOR ie :- his Student – remains undefeated  if he continues holding PEN in his hand.

For  me each of my Student is my HERO and a WARRIOR in their own way. 

You all are my HERO.

Till next time – “Stay  RAW”.

26 Replies to “WHO ARE YOU ?

  1. This kind of keen observation of a student can only be done by a person is close to them and enjoys being with them and teaching them.
    I am sure that many people around the world will be influenced by your whimsical work.
    And yes students are the WARRIORS of their teacher and their good work and success reflect the image and teaching of the teacher by whom they have been brought.
    Be Raw and Keep making the life and future of students better and better day by day.

  2. Sir what all i am now its just because of u….U are our real Hero…whoom we follow every time …..thankyou sir for alws supporting us in all circumstances…..♥️♥️🙏

  3. Sir each and every word that u told in this motivated me very much and I really thank you for always motivating and supporting us in our life

  4. This is what each one of us faces. Many reading this are feeling that this is the story of them. I truly feels this that till the time each one of us doesn’t get a mentor
    It’s very hard to survive in this cruel world.
    I am really happy that someone understood this and made an effort to make this message reach to the outside world 🌏 . Thank u so much sir ❤

  5. Really sir influenced by it
    It was so true and yeah I think ur observation if word is better than accurate then it was that👌👌
    Keep motivating us sir

  6. Sir it’s you teachers because of whom I’m here today. If a student is a warrior,the teachers are the super warriors. The teachers are the real heroes and of all,they are our power. No one can beat us when we our under your guidance sir.

    1. Thanks sir,
      It was a very incentive oration by you sir.
      As you told in the above lines that “your reaction and action are handled by yourself “. This oration made my goals clear as I was very confound in present for my future butttt by reading this, understanding this and including this in my life now I know my goals perfectly.
      Thanks sir.
      #stay raw- sir Rajan.

  7. Its really amazing and inspiring. Thankyou sir for making us feel that everyone of us are a real warrior and we are the one who can always fight for ourselves.

  8. So,true that every student is warrior in there own way. You are the first inspirational person in my life and i am lucky to have such a supporting ,motivating smart 😎sir(obvious).. Each and every word is said so true and inspiring too..

  9. So true,that every student is warrior in there own way. Sir you are the first inspirational person in my life and i am lucky to have such an inspiring, motivating and smart😎sir(obvious)….
    Each and every word is said so true and very much inspiring also..
    Thank you sir for always inspiring us. By your this msg many more will be also inspire and will be thankfull to you.
    Thank you sir

  10. Thank you sir for motivating us …
    Its true that we are a real warrior in our lives but you as our teacher is the real warrior who teach us to fight the every war we face in our life’s…
    Thanks sir…YOU ARE MY HERO…

  11. Thank you so much sir for believing in us that each one is a warrior & its absolutely right that when student is good the credit goes to a teacher bcz its the teachings of a teacher that reflects in a student…
    Nd yes sir the word DISCIPLINE this word has changed my life in several ways , i learned the value of discipline from u it was a blessing that i got a teacher like u… once again THANK YOU SIR for always supporting us…

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