Today, I heard a 5 year old using offensive words while pestering his mother to buy him some candy at a departmental store. It was quite a blow for me. How can a five year old kid use such a profane language? Yes, the mother was really flustered. But can you even imagine the whole scenario. I have always pictured kids to be innocent. I can think of them to be notorious but the feeling of innocence just fills in me whenever I see a kid.

The incident made me to reflect on the common usage of vulgar language universally. A couple of years back it was really offensive to blurt out abuses, but it’s more like a cool thing these days to have a vocabulary full of slangs. Boys still give away a few curses here and there, but the girls were oh! So graceful as to never say anything offensive. These days, I find girls equally enhancing their dictionary with crazy offensive abuses and I still wonder why?

You know, knowing and understanding a language with the various good and bad words is a different thing. But actually degrading yourself to such an extent that you use those mean, low words is just not cool enough for me. I think I have a standard to maintain and letting such words out of my mouth is way below my standard.

People judge you by the way you conduct yourself. You may think that you are moving along with the trend as you move around with your swag. But when you speak, that’s when you are observed and judged. People recognise you by the things you say. That’s the time when people actually know of your intellect. And mind you, if you emit anything unpleasant, even if you call it “cool”, you may not realise but it’s a disrespect you show yourself – not to anyone you are abusing. You are proving yourself to be of a lower calibre than you really are. It a clear indication that you have no control over your emotions and your tongue. You just don’t seem reliable enough, all thanks to your lovely utterances.  

Frequent use of foul language is a pretty clear indicator of several things.

  1. Lack of useful language skills,
  2. Inability to communicate with others on a higher level,
  3. Poor education,
  4. Disrespect and
  5. A lack of awareness of your immediate surroundings.

All of the above make a person ‘unemployable’ except for the most menial (and often isolated) jobs.

Foul language is the verbal equivalent of picking your nose in public and eating the bugger.

5 Replies to “Swearing and cursing

  1. Thanks sir,
    It was a an influential address of today’s generation which will affect the future of there own deeds.The highlight was that line”But when you speak that’s when you
    are observed.” Once or twice I had also passed with this “cool”language for today’s world. Buttt sir believe me now I acknowledged your words and mine. It was not at all same. Sorry sir for disrespect to all others and I am sure that now I will not bethink of this “cool” language.
    Thanks sir,
    #stay raw-sir Rajan.

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