Parents leave us alone

And yes, you’re all grown up. You’re no longer a kid holding your parents hand, walking through the park. It’s time you open up your wings and fly high. Yes, you need your space indeed and that’s when you ask your parents to let you be alone.

I agree to you when you feel you need to sort out your issues on your own. You definitely should. That’s what is going to bring out the better of you and you will learn from your own experiences. And that’s how it ought to be.

I understand that between school, peer pressure, family conflict and trying to define your own identity, there is a great deal of stress you confront daily. You feel that your parents do not understand you or your situations and there is a generation gap between you’ll. It would be lovely to have parents who trust you, understand you and let you do things the way you want to do them, isn’t it? It would be wonderful if your parents accepted you the way you are and were proud of you. Trust me, when I was a teenager I felt the same. In fact, a lot of people I know felt that too. This is an age old problem – not very uncommon.

I certainly am not against anything that you feel. Been there, done that, I have my heart out for you for feeling the way you do and you’re not completely wrong. But let me acquaint you with the other side of the story too. Just as you feel today, your parents felt the same when they were teenagers. Actually their feelings were much stronger and I’ll tell you why. The time that they were in their teens, their folks were way stricter. They had to blindly obey all that they were instructed to do. Anyway, that’s a different story.

Today as your parent, the main concern in their mind is to provide you with the best of everything and keep you as happy as possible. Trust me on this, there’s nothing that they would trade in this world for your happiness. But again, they are protective and very cautious when it comes to your physical and emotional stability. It breaks their heart to a million pieces to see you in a miserable state suffering for whatever reason. And the worst fear of all is that they know they will not always be there to love you, care for you and protect you from every unfortunate situation that comes your way.

So what do you think would be the next best thing for them to do? Well, they will make you strong by creating situations which test your patience and help you grow as a person. They are strict with you, do not generally give in to all that you ask for, try to teach you different virtues to make your character strong. All these are very essential for you to face the outside world. Sometimes you think they don’t love you, but if you were to ask me, I’d say it’s their unconditional love for you that makes them do all they do. Otherwise how would it even matter to them what your life would be after they are gone. You are just concerned about the present situation and their unapproachable behaviour. But they, on the other hand are seeing the bigger picture and making the pathway ready for you to go out there, win over the world and make your life a glorious one!

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  1. Yes sir its true that parents protects us every time but sometime they also put us in pressure that if you will not study you will not go to the next higher class….that pressurize in all through mind.
    But it is good sir.

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