Most people have dreams, which, with growing age and varying circumstances, witness changes.

From early childhood, our dreams are varied, being influenced by a number of factors like parents, television, actors, and businessmen.

Most of us are asked by our primary school teachers of our dreams and aspirations. At that time, mostly being under the care and guidance of our parents and family, we aspire to become like them. Everything that our parents do seems so wonderful to us, that we wish to be exactly like them.

As time goes by, and with a little more broadening of our mind, we start dreaming to become like our favourite characters from television – some like the cartoons they watch while others like the actors they view in some television series they follow. The television has such a strong impact on our minds that we start talking and behaving in the manner that our favourite television character does. We don’t realize it, but the television does mould our personality to a great extent. But that’s also because we are in a tender and naive age, an age where we pick up a lot from what we see and hear.

Once we advance to our teenage years, the most influential people of our lives are our friends. Everything they do seems to be so ‘COOL‘ and we want to be exactly like them, do what they do and have what they have. Along with this peer pressure which is at its peak, we also experience the hormonal changes marking the beginning of our attractions for the opposite sex. Once we are drawn to them, we automatically begin to behave in a manner that would impress them. This is accompanied by a chain of chit chats, hours on the phone, fights, heartaches and heartbreaks.

In these transitions, sometimes time just seems to fly away quickly and soon we are to enter college to take up the more serious role of our life. We now start preparing for the harder phase of life, still enjoying a lot that life has to offer. New found freedom is often taken for granted and we forget to attach the little amount of seriousness required.

Nevertheless, we cross the stage somehow feeling proud of ourselves and step into the world of adulthood and start enjoying the privileges of self – dependency. New challenges now come alive – targets, goals, action plans, deadlines… And not to forget the office politics which finally teaches us our lesson of ‘The Survival of the Fittest‘. The 9 – 5 job maybe paying all our bills, but are we actually getting to live for ourselves is a common question in many heads. And to top it all, it is further difficult if we are responsible to fulfil the needs of our near and dear ones too.

What exactly was my dream, what was the purpose of my life? We often ponder over such anxieties in our life. Sometimes, our dreams, our passion and our interests just lose its meaning in our lifecycle. So what should we do to make our life worth our existence?

Well, firstly, just accept yourself as you are and be kind enough to allow yourself to have those innumerable wants and wishes at different moments in your life. But also don’t forget to look at the bigger picture of your life as a whole. Analyse what is it that you desire the most during your lifetime and how ready are you to gain and loose in your race to achieve your dreams.

Some people want money, some need love while some are seeking for inner peace. What your heart truly desires will be brought to you in life, provided you work your way towards it! Maybe you know exactly what you dream of being, or it’s even possible that you haven’t really figured out your passion yet. The truth is, it doesn’t matter, and it is completely fine if you don’t know. Just keep on moving forward, just keep doing something. Try to seize each opportunity that comes your way. Always stay open to trying something new. Eventually, what you seek will be yours to keep!!! But in the meanwhile, while treading on the roads to your destination, have faith, be strong. You may feel discouraged at times and even afraid. Being human, you may even want to give up. But don’t. Keep your dreams alive and continue to strive for what you want. Don’t assign any age limit to your dreams, maybe not today, not tomorrow, but definitely the day after you shall get there! So have patience and hold on.

Turn your CAN’Ts into CANs and DREAMs into PLANs. And whatever you do in life, don’t forget to enjoy it. Life is a gift and will soon end. We may have goals and aspirations, but we must enjoy every moment of LIFE with our FAMILY and our LOVED ones – not only the ones whom “we love” but also those who “loves us“ and care for us!!

Till next write up- STAY RAW.

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