Discipline is quite a debatable topic especially between you and your parent.  When you want to ‘break the rules’ and act considerably COOL and SMART, someone with the experience of your parent can actually foresee the consequences of your acts. I am not propagating the behaviour of your parent here, just trying to explain how and what makes them behave in the way they do.

First, let me clear your concept of discipline. Discipline simply means to follow a particular code of conduct expected out of you. Let me enlighten you with one very important benefit of being disciplined. We all live in a society and all of us are expected to behave in a particular acceptable manner. Being disciplined helps us to be easily acceptable in the society. Since we all seek attention in some way or the other and we want to be a good fit in our surroundings, our discipline will help us get there to quite an extent.

Keeping your future in mind, discipline plays a very important role in your success. It teaches you self-control, you become more respectful and know what appropriate behaviour is, you become more selfless, possess empathy, patience and make more friends. You also learn how to share. You are also more responsible and people rely on you easily.

There are many temptations that come now and then in our life. But we need to judge whether or not those temptations are good for us and our surroundings. Doing the right thing makes us more positive and there is more happiness around us. As mentioned earlier, being disciplined helps us to keep our cool and people take us more seriously and listen to what we are saying.  I’d like to site an example here – these days to act supercool, students dress up in a manner they find is more fashionable. But when you come to think of it, your personality is more important than the way you put on your uniform. Moreover, a uniform needs to look like a uniform and not rags of clothes. Let me ask you – have you ever noticed an army man or an air force officer in their uniform. Their shirt, trousers, tie and shoes are properly placed in a way that makes them look so handsome and their personalities are enhanced indeed. There is automatically a sense of admiration we all have for those men – so prim and proper. Now that’s what I call class. That’s being stately in my perspective. Not how students just put on their uniform in any haphazard manner they do these days.

Coming back to a parents’ point of view, it troubles them to see you do something which is generally not acceptable in the eyes of the society. So sometimes they try and reason things out with you and most of the times they try to be authoritative and force you to follow the norms. But it’s all with the ulterior motive of turning you into a good human being, accepted and respected by the world.

Again, I leave the ball in your court and let you decide what you want to do with your life – enjoy the feeling of acceptance or come under the radar of people criticising you.

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  1. I m a 16years old boy and there are many thoughts going through my mind but what the students like me want is a person who can show u a right path.And i think this sites does it all.
    Thank you for initiating such important things for society!!!!

  2. Wright sir…discipline is the first thing that people see in you and later all the things….
    Thankyou sir…for inspiring #

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