Career Selection – Let’s be Serious

Indian students are renowned throughout the world for their hardworking nature. They truly are hardworking, be it in whichever stream they opt – Science, Commerce or Arts/Humanities.

Yet, over the last few years, a notion that has crept into the society is that the Science students are the top-notch students with high intellect, followed by the Commerce and Arts/Humanities kids. But do you think this is true? From what I see and understand, the world respects successful people – be it in any field. And I’d like to share one secret of being successful: Either you do what you love or you love what you do. This way you are sure to become successful and climb the ladder.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of discussion – the choice of stream that you need to make. Often it is seen that children make decisions based on their parents’ or friends’ viewpoints. Parents’ influence is necessary, yet sometimes they make the decision on behalf of the kid, mainly for two reasons. One, the child is unaware of the available job prospects of the different streams. Two, they want to live their unfulfilled dreams through their children. If you ask me, it’s good to consider their ideas, as parents can never think of anything but the best for their child, but you yourself need to decide after a thorough analysis which one is best suited for you. You are the best judge of your aptitudes and of all that you like or are good at. So, I’m sure you’d be able to choose correctly too. I’d suggest that you select the one that matches your skills and something that you feel passionate towards.

Trust me, Science, Commerce and Arts equally have excellent career prospects professionally.
The dilemma of choosing a stream after Class 10 is quite a crucial decision. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that Commerce or Arts students cannot change to streams/courses related to Science after XII, which is possible for the students of the Science stream. Having some idea of the various streams and the job prospects that they offer can help you to make better choices. As it is rightly said – Knowledge is power, let me give you the basic input that you would require for the stepping stone in your career quest. The following are the subjects covered in the three different streams:

Stream Subjects Covered Job prospects

Science: –

Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics Biotechnology Computer Science Doctors Engineers Scientists Researchers Agronomists Geologists Astronomers.

Commerce: –

Accountancy Economics Business Studies Commercial Studies Mathematics Information Practices Chartered Accountancy Chartered Financial Analyst Cost Accountancy Company Secretary Stock Broking and Investment Analyst Banking Foreign Trade

Arts/ Humanities: –

History Geography Political Science Psychology Sociology Language Literature Designers – Fashion/Interior Lawyers Public Relation Officers Event Managers Translators/ Interpreters Reporters Actors/ Models Politicians Marketing.

There are various reasons that I can cite for you to select from the different streams. Studying Science equips a student with essential skills that make them employable, a student will be at an advantage to discover and invent things that can prove beneficial for the society. Also, Science gives us an insight to the working of living things, our universe and everything that is around us.

Commerce on the other hand gives us a better understanding of trade and business activities. Every industry needs a sound understanding of Commerce in order for it to boom. Studying Commerce can offer you the skills and knowledge to prepare you for a successful career.

The study of Arts/Humanities teach students creative thinking skills, reasoning, creativity and the best ways to ask questions. These are fundamental skills that allow us to perform well in all fields, from art and music to business and politics. The critical thinking skills gained from studying this subject may give you a competitive advantage in business. The Arts/Humanities develop informed and critical citizens. Without the humanities, democracy could not flourish.

So, you see, one cannot say that Science or Commerce or Arts/Humanities is superior to the other. They all have their own role to play. If everyone would blindly just go in for one stream say science, then how would we be able to do business profitably or who would analyse and reason out with the outcome of the inventions/discoveries made. Each and every stream is equally important and challenging. In today’s world, all three streams are well integrated. Now it’s your turn. Think what suits you best and which stream would you justify the most. Signing off for now, hopefully leaving you with some clarity in your mind that can help you to choose your career direction.

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