For ages, we have heard of almonds impacting our brains positively.

Quite a number of times, we have been fed a couple of almond nuts by our moms/ grand moms, especially during examination, to boost our memory.

Well, I’m sure you may be wondering whether it is completely true or not?

I’d first like to simply tell you of the composition of almonds. Almonds are a host of healthy nutrients which include Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Proteins, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium and fibres along with others too. All these are essential nutrients that our body requires for it functioning well. Owing to these being found in almonds, there are various advantages one can get by eating these nuts. Regular consumption provides our body with Riboflavin and L-Carnitine which is essential for development and boosting of the functions of the brain and repairing brain cells, thus, making your mind more alert and sharpening it. Once our mind is alert, our concentration increases and we in turn have a sharper memory.

Do you know, almonds are not only good for revitalizing the memory. There are other benefits of almonds as well. Intake of almonds strengthens bones and teeth, raises energy levels, treats constipation and also helps in keeping your heart healthy. Oh yes! One very usefulness of almonds that would definitely interest you the most is its positive outcomes in our skin related problems.

It’s but natural that all of us want to have a healthy, glowing skin. Certainly, for most of us, looks is important. A simple way to have a well-nourished skin is either to have 4-5 almonds daily or apply almond oil to your skin to keep it baby soft, having a beautiful sheen. A fantastic source of anti-oxidants, almonds help to protect your cells from oxidative damage, a major contributor to ageing. So, if you want to look young for a longer period of time, you know what remedy to adopt in your life. By the regular use of almond oil, the complexion of your skin also improves.

Having stated the various plus points of almonds, I’d just like to include a word of caution here. There are some side effects of almonds as known to mankind. Some people are allergic to almonds which may cause rashes in the body or breathing problems. Also, since they have oxalates, excess consumption of the nut can result in gall bladder stones. Thus, intake of almonds in moderation is always adviced.

So, relieve your body from stress and anxiety by eating fee of these nuts, have an increased intellectual level, keep certain diseases at bay, boost your immunity, solve your skin problems and slower your ageing rate.


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